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About us

ComunidadMujer is a civil society organization specialized in gender, transversal and independent, that promotes the rights of women and contributes to the generation and discussion of public and corporate policies for greater equity between men and women in Chile.

It was founded in 2002 with the aim of promoting leadership, opening opportunities and making progress in breaking down normative and cultural barriers that impede the full participation of women in public space. This, through the articulation of a women leaders network from the most diverse spheres of action, with influence in the public debate and the promotion of the permanent transversal dialogue with multiple actors.

Today the organization gives visibility to an agenda focused on education without gender biases, labor participation and women’s political participation, through debates, reflections, research and advocacy on government programs and legislative changes. In addition, it encourages initiatives that promote women’s leadership, the networking, the recognition and creation of opportunities, innovation in solutions to problems of inequality.

Likewise, it promotes public-private partnerships and with international organizations for the integration of the gender approach in public and corporate policies. In this line, it develops consultancies to companies and institutions with the aim of facilitating and promoting processes of change and cultural transformation, focused on the value of diversity and inclusion.

ComunidadMujer is made up of a board of directors and an advisory board of women leaders from the most diverse fields, and a professional team of excellence. Their work is supported by allied companies, collaborators and partners, who join forces to open spaces that favor the participation of women, promoting and making their leadership visible.

OUR PURPOSE: That women are born in a society with equal rights and opportunities.